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“No matter how complex your business challenge, we have the technology and capabilities to guide your journey forward.”

Brian Weaver, Founder & CEO

We deliver critical transformative services and innovation that brings the depth of our experience and industry knowledge to drive measurable value for your teams.  From business modernization to digital transformation, our technologies and consultants operate at the intersection of informatics, strategy and campaign execution to help improve how profit is made, reinvent how work gets done and reengineer business models to dominate entire industries.

Data Augmentation & Rapid Correlation Mean Better Outcomes.

“We’ve created a highly specialized analytics platform, a data network correlation model infrastructure – comprised of people, methodologies, market intelligence and analytics software across the full supply chain spectrum – that clients can quickly plug into to accelerate impact.”        Jae Cha, CTO

A Thousand Words Can’t Paint A Picture

Have you tried explaining your car issue to a mechanic over the phone? How about explaining how to fix something to your parents without being in the room? The common theme is you need a VISUAL to truly get a grasp of what the problem is first…

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The Recipe of Good Data Visualizations

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. However the wrong picture of your data could have those 1000 words veering you off course and back to the drawing board. Data Visualization is becoming THE way to explain and describe data to people in your company that may not have a grasp of…

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Business Lessons from the Bryan Brothers

16 Grand Slam titles. 112 career tournament wins. 15 years ranked #1 in the world and Olympic Gold winners. The Bryan brothers – Bob and Mike – are the gold standard in mens’ doubles tennis. As someone who has played the game since I was big enough to hold a racket and came to the US on a college tennis scholarship, I’ve always admired the…

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Your Decisions Get Smarter


Business ecosystem mapping. Competitive intelligence. Node and influencer traces. Dynamic system views. Enterprise architecture.

To gain insights and efficiently manage and document your data ecosystem, these are just some of the things that matter to you. Traditional Business Intelligence tools can be used to represent data and a construct based limited understanding, but only through the lens of a query. Monitoring tools discover noise in the network, but leave you with a partial view and poor visualization capabilities.

Because data sciences engineers are visual people, Anthem’s TORCH™ Machine Learning platform gives you the best of both worlds: detailed and flexible visualization coupled with comprehensive supply chain network mapping.


Perhaps no field of data sciences is more alluring than network optimization.

Human, intermodal, electrical, communication and many other physical and digital networks pervade our everyday lives. Consequently, even non-specialists recognize the incredible importance and the wide ranging applicability of networks. Moreover, because the physical operating characteristics of networks (e.g., flows on arcs and mass balance at nodes) have natural mathematical representations, practitioners and non-specialists can readily understand the descriptions of network optimization problems and the basic nature of techniques used to solve these problems. The combination of applicability and ease of assimilation supported by TORCH™ has been instrumental in Anthem’s evolution of econometric planning as one of the most powerful modeling and methodologies currently available.


The TORCH™ methodology leverages evidence to solve for common business issues. Programs, with milestones and metrics supported by ecosystem insights, ensure incredibly efficient solution delivery.

When clients engage Anthem Systems for mission critical programs, they are relying on our unique combination of experience, technology and operational efficiency. It is for this reason that we ensure that the projects are efficient in themselves. One of the main criteria for a project to be efficient is that it must have well defined goals, aligned with values of a true evidence based practice. Only when the goals are defined with clear articulation can plans be laid out to achieve them. Anthem Systems programs have tested guidelines on defining the objectives of the project.


One of the primary benefits of storing your program’s historical economic trends is to provide benchmarking data, metrics and factors that will be an invaluable aid for reviewing and validating strategies.

TORCH™ helps to collect, normalize, and analyze historical ecosystem data to develop practical informatics used to support procurement, estimating and scheduling, provide metrics and benchmarking data, develop conceptual estimating and scheduling tools, support strategic planning, and improve our project processes.

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Solomon President Speaks at KC DAMA Day

Grant Gordon, President of Solomon Consulting Group spoke to a full crowd at the 2016 KC DAMA Day at the KU Edwards Campus. Gordon spoke to how Solomon is helping local KC area companies understand their data…

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